Another Winter Storm Saturday Night

My neighbor accused me of enjoying all these snowstorms.  I enjoyed all the fluff bombs in January but I HATED the cement I shoveled for the last 36 hours.  Whether I like it, whether you hate, whether you are indifferent is irrelevant to mother nature.  Another snowstorm is on the way tomorrow night. Now if you live outside of 495 it may track far enough offshore so that only 1-3" of snow falls.  The Cape and Southeast MA will not be so lucky.   The details...

General Overview
Here is the 4 PM surface chart.  The low is located along the IL/IN/KY border
WPC 4 PM Surface Analysis
The upper level support is impressive.  Note yesterdays storm departing through Atlantic Canada
18z NAM 4 PM 500 mb heights, vorticity (image NCEP)
The Great Lakes Regional radar is impressive this afternoon
Central Great Lakes Regional Radar 508 PM
The water vapor satellite imagery is also impressive 
GOES_Composite Water Vapor 345 PM
This storm is going to explode when it reaches the coast.

Timing, Impacts, Accumulation
Light rain/snow will move across Southern New England between 1-4 PM tomorrow.  By 7 PM the storm will be located south of Cape Cod and will be gaining strength 
WPC Surface Forecast 7 PM Saturday
The radar at the same time shows moderate to heavy snow across Eastern MA, the Cape, and Martha's Vineyard.  Nantucket looks to be mainly rain for this event
18z NAM hires Simulated Radar valid 7 PM Sat (image Weatherbell)
It should be noted that several models are closer to the coast.  That would put Central MA in play for heavy snow.  As of now I think Bristol, Plymouth, and Barnstable Counties get the most snow/highest wind and the National Weather Service agrees, having posted Winter Storm Warnings and Blizzard Watch in these areas
02/14/14 NWS Headlines
Power outages are likely across SE MA.  Snow should be done by 5-6 AM on Sunday.  If the storm is closer it will linger longer.  I am in complete agreement with the NWS on this so here is their snowfall accumulation expectation 
NWS Snowfall Expectation Map
I will update as needed tomorrow

-Zack Green


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