Tuesday Snow Forecast

06/27 GFS accumulated snowfall- image credit Dr Ryan Maue and Weatherbell
There has been a subtle shift to the north with guidance overnight.  Its not unexpected, but will make tonight's commute a little slower.  Also watch for black ice if out tonight.  Highest snow totals for SNE look to be over the in Bristol and Plymouth counties.  Expecting about 1.5 inches in the Blackstone Valley.  Snow starts late morning/early afternoon and carries on until after midnight.  When the sun goes down road some snow may stick to the roads where it comes down the heaviest.

Pretty good slug of moisture to work with
HPC has upped snow probabilities into New England...now a wide swath has a 10% chance of 4 inches of snow

Day 1 snowfall probability forecast
All in all not a big deal, biggest issue will be with slick roads.  Moisture already streaming into SNE is evaporating before reaching the surface.  This will continue for awhile.  It will be cold tonight, bundle up.
Minimum temps between 1 PM and 7 PM today, EURO model- image Dr Ryan Maue and Weatherbell
Winds will remain light as this storm system is not very strong and there is not a tight pressure gradient.  The snow won't stick around too long although watching a clipper for Thursday night.  Warm up is expected next week.  More details on the extended range later...big playoff game tonight for the Beavers!


  1. this is a JOKE! boo snowy beavers!!

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