Super Bowl Saturday forecast

We have woke up to a light snow this morning which is fitting for December 1st.  This is a light event and is being forced by a warm front lifting north.  A weak front will also cross Southern New England tomorrow and then another boundary on Wednesday.  The benefit will be temperatures more like late April or early October on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The first part of December looks to be above average temperature wise but the the final 3 weeks of the month look cold with snow threats.

Super Bowl Saturday
Today many local teams are playing for championships including Northbridge and Valley Tech.  There will be a light snow falling for most of the morning and afternoon.  Everyone played in this Tuesday night but its colder tonight and more likely to stick to the field a little bit.  Here is the radar image from 720 AM
Snowfall moving east
Here is the surface chart from 530 AM
Weak low pressure in Mid Atlantic lifting north.  Low pressure in Dakota's to bring rain tomorrow
The EURO model temperature forecast for this afternoon
Valid 1 PM Saturday from Weatherbell and Dr. Ryan Maue
Temperatures will struggle to break the mid 30's this afternoon.  Given how brutal the sun can be in December, cloud cover and the light snow should make passing the football a little easier.  

The front moves north and a low pressure system emerging from the Dakota' will drop rain on the region tomorrow.  Here is the EURO forecast for over night Sunday into Monday.  Some models are a little quicker with the onset of rain.  It wouldn't be a shock to see rain tomorrow afternoon.

Temperatures will jump into the 50's tomorrow and stay that way for a few days.
Monday 1 PM EURO forecast from Dr. Ryan Maue and Weatherbell
Most of the country will be above normal this week.  The models did a nice job picking up on this a few weeks back.  It breaks Wednesday but will detail the rest of the week tomorrow or Monday.  We've got a Super Bowl to win today! Go Beavers


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