Warm Start, Cold Finish

EURO forecast for 7 am, right on track.  Image credit Dr. Ryan Maue/Weatherberll
Temperatures will be dropping quickly this afternoon after a cold front pushes across the Northeast.  Temperatures right now are running in the mid 50's. By tonight these will drop into the 20's and will only rebound into the mid 30's tomorrow.  There is another rain threat Friday after some showers this morning.
Surface Analysis reveals cold front diving into Northeast
There is a line of showers associated with the front pushing across the Pioneer Valley as of 518 AM
Radar Image Northeast 518 AM
Behind this front lies a cold winter air mass.  Here is the EURO forecast for tomorrow morning at 7 am
Image Credit Dr Ryan Maue/Weatherbell
Winds are a bit gusty today with the passage of the front but will die down for the rest of the week.  Temperatures rebound a bit Friday by reaching the mid 40's.  Over the weekend temperatures will again soar above normal but there will be a chance of rain overnight Friday into Saturday.  Have a good Wednesday

PS while we are warm in the United States check out Europe
EURO ensemble system
Well below average and it has been for a week or so now.  Here is the 8 day snowfall depth forecast by the GFS.  Each image credit Dr Ryan Maue and Weatherbell
GFS 8 day snowfall forecast
It was only a few years ago someone said the children of England would never know what snow is due to global warming.  This is the 4th straight December snow will have fallen in December.


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