Cold Week Ahead

A cold Arctic air mass supported by a fresh snow pack will allow low temperatures to approach 0 across portions of Southern New England.  Areas of Northern New England are looking at low temperatures -20 below zero.  I measured 11 inches in Northbridge and received reports of 12 inches in Douglas from multiple sources.  Here is a link to reported snowfall totals.  Thankfully the jet stream was moving 150 MPH at upper levels or else last nights snow would have been one for the ages.  Still, it was the biggest snowfall since February 2011.

There is a low potential snow chance next weekend.  This is a low probability event; most likely we remain dry.  There is a chance for snow squalls with the passage of these Arctic fronts as well.  Wednesday/Thursday will be the days to watch for this.

Here is the average temperature anomaly for the next seven days according to the GFS ensemble
From Weatherbell, 12z GEFS temp anomaly
The coldest nights look to be Tuesday Night into Wednesday morning
EURO 12z run, Weatherbell
And then again Wednesday Night into Thursday
EURO 12z run, Weatherbell
This point to take away is that its going to be cold.  No major storms in the next 5 days and light precip.  The HPC likes no precip for Southern New England and only light amounts in the mountains

Seven Day rainfall forecast
The temperatures will be seasonable Monday and will begin to drop Tuesday.  The good news is there are signs that a January thaw will occur around the 9/10th.  Have a great New Year everyone!


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