Calm Weather Through Thanksgiving then Winter?

A pleasant pattern has taken control over our weather and left us with cold mornings but seasonable afternoons.  This pattern continues until Saturday, gradually becoming warmer and warmer each afternoon.  High pressure is the dominant feature on the eastern US charts
00/20 EURO run, from Dr. Ryan Maue and Weatherbell
The storm I originally predicted for this week is on the charts, but will stay out to sea.  After Sandy and then the nor'easter I jumped the storm gun a little early but our coastal residents need a break.  The high pressure will continue to build south gradually changing the wind direction to the southwest by the end of the week.  This will allow temperatures to approach the upper 50's.  At the same time a low pressure system will move across the boundary between the arctic air and the air mass we currently are in.
EURO ensemble 850 hPa Temperature Anomaly- Dr Ryan Maue and Weatherbell 
The red/orange/brown colors indicate warmer than average temperatures while the blue/green/white/purple indicate colder than normal temperatures.  If this is correct (which it usually is) then we can expect some precipitation on Saturday.  Could be a snow event for the mountains; time will tell.  However we can the arctic air lurking for Sunday and Monday.  An area of low pressure is forecast to skirt south of New England on Tuesday morning.  Could lead to a few flakes for the morning commute.  This is 168 hours away so there is plenty of time to watch.

***CAUTION THIS MORNING reports of black ice caused by freezing fog.


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