This Is Not a Recording- More Snow

I imagine most of you do not like me at the moment.  That's OK.  Before you know it I'll be forecasting heat waves and thunderstorms.  Before we get to that we have a date with history.  Boston and Worcester have climbed to 3rd place in seasonal snowfall totals.  February is Boston's snowiest month in recorded history by a foot. Both January and February are in the top 5 in Worcester for snowiest months. Hi.

I've buried the lead.  We are going to add to those totals Tuesday.  Before we get to that dangerous cold will invade the region.
WPC surface analysis 11 am
A cold Arctic high is dropping into the Central US.  Our storm is on its way to Canada.  The large pressure gradient is contributing to strong winds.  Temperatures as of 2 pm
2 Pm 2 m temps (image Weather bell)

Short range guidance suggests wind chill temperatures of -25 to -30 regionwide tonight! The Berkshires are looking at -35 to -40
18z HRRR wind chill temps 1 am (image Weather bell)

For this reason the National Weather Service in Taunton has issued a Wind Chill Warning almost everywhere Until 10 am tomorrow
NWS Boston hazards
Actual air temperatures will be -5 to -10.  February is on track to be one of the coldest months on record in Southern New England
Feb temperature anomaly (Image Weather bell)
If you want warmth head west.  Speaking of the west that is where the next storm will come from.  The upper air pattern is this
18z NAM 500 mb vort 1 pm Sun (image NCEP)
Notice the X diving through Utah.  Here it is on satellite
GOES_Composite water vapor satellite
Today's storm took a Northern track.  This will create a mess across Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolina's, and Virginia before trying to turn the corner up the coast.  

WPC surface forecast 7 am Tuesday
Looks like a decent set up for 3-6 inches, more in SE MA, S RI.  This should start around day break.  It is a quick mover thankfully.  There is also potential for snow Wednesday.  I'll address that tomorrow.  

Finally there was some great video of Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel today.  100% chance I would react the same way.  

PS-someone made a great point today.  We might as well smash all the seasonal snow records.  We didn't come this far for 2nd place.

-Zack Green



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