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Good news first... I think we are on the lower end of accumulating snow this time around, at least west of 495.  Coastal MA up thru NH and Downeast Maine will bear the brunt of this storm.  This is where Blizzard Warnings are posted.
NWS Boston hazards
Eastern CT, Cmass, and RI are under a winter storm warning.  A winter weather advisory exists east of the Berkshires and in central CT.  The Berkshires can expect 4-6, mainly tomorrow PM/overnight.  

Snow breaks out early afternoon region wide.  2-4 is likely by evening.  A lull is possible overnight which is why I am not expecting snow totals as high as the last few storms.  Using the National Weather Service as a guide
NWS Boston forecast snow
These may be slightly high.  High resolutio resolution guidance suggests less in Worcester County.  The snow is a story because there is nowhere to put it.  The biggest story with this storm is the wind Sunday.  Here are some forecast gusts Sunday pm
NWS wind gust forecast
These are in its.  Basically 35 kts is 40 mph, 60 kts is 70 mph.  Winds will gust to hurricane force (75 mph) on the Cape.  What causes winds this strong?  A strong jet stream aloft
18 z NAM 300 mb jet 1 pm Sun (ncep)
and a tight pressure gradient at the surface.  The low will deepen to ~974 mb.  Meanwhile a ~1040 mb high drops into the plains.
WPC Sunday 7 am Surface forecast Sunday
Snow wraps up Sunday from SW to NE in Southern New England.  Bitter cold follows Monday.   Lows are well below 0. Highs won't reach 10.  Sounds fun eh?

Enjoy your weekend, I will post if something changes.  

-Zack Green


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