Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekend Getaway- Bringing the Heat!

An upper atmosphere disturbance will rotate through Southern New England this afternoon which will fire off some showers and thunderstorms.  A coastal storm that largely missed Southern New England will drop a 0.5" of rain throughout much of Maine today.  Tomorrow a boundary will sag south into Central New England.  A few isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible because of this.  On Sunday temperatures will soar into the 90's.

The radar this morning shows some leftover rain showers across the Cape and Islands and heavy rain in Downeast Maine.  In Eastern New York, showers have developed to the west of the Hudson River Valley.  This is part of the upper atmosphere disturbance.
NWS Northeast Regional Radar 
Precipitation will continue into the afternoon in Maine.  The rain across the Cape and Islands should come to an end by lunch time.  The showers in Eastern NY will move into Vermont, New Hampshire, and Western Massachusetts around noon.  The projected surface chart for 2 PM shows this set-up well.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Friday 2 PM
The future radar keeps most of the action this afternoon north of the MA Pike.  Any thunderstorms would occur between 1-4 PM.   By 6 PM most of the storms will have dissipated.
11z HRRR 18-hr Simulated Radar through 1 AM (image Weatherbell)
Temperatures this afternoon will climb into the mid 70's away from the coast.  Leftover clouds and onshore flow will keep the Cape, Islands, and South Coast in the upper 60's.  In Northern New England, temperatures will be in the upper 60's and low 70's.  Downeast Maine will be in the low 60's as precipitation lingers throughout most of the day.
NWS Max Temperatures Friday (image Weatherbell)
NWS Max Temperatures Friday (image Weatherbell)
There should be no problems at Fenway tonight when the Sox take on the Tigers.  Winds will be out of the West at 5-10 MPH today.

High pressure will try and build across New England tomorrow but it will be buffered by the presence of the weak cold front.  Although there is a chance of showers/storm, storms will be weaker and less numerous than today.  Storms tomorrow will fire between 11 AM and 5 PM.   Southern NH, Southern VT, Massachusetts, Northern RI, and Northern CT will have the best chance at seeing a rumble of thunder.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Saturday 8 AM (image Weatherbell)
In Lakes/Mountains of NNE, the showers will linger a little bit longer.  Temperatures tomorrow will be in the low 80's in Southern New England.  The 80's will stretch into Southern New Hampshire and into Central Vermont.  Temperatures in Maine will be in the mid to upper 70's.
NWS Max Temperatures Saturday (image Weatherbell)
NWS Max Temperatures Saturday (image Weatherbell)
Winds will be light on Saturday but will gradually increase Saturday evening.  Winds will be out of the Southwest.

The Bermuda High will become established on Sunday.  The boundary that will be across the region on Saturday will lift into Canada as a warm front. Warm winds from the SW will bring temperatures into the 90's.   Precipitation is possible in Northern NH/Western ME but this looks like a weak pop-up shower in the highest peaks.
WPC Surface Front/Precipitation Sunday 8 AM 
Temperatures will soar into the low 90's.  If you want relief, Mount Washington is forecast to be around 60 degrees.  The Cape, Islands, and South Coast will also see a sea breeze effect on Sunday thanks to the SW wind blowing over the water.
NWS Max Temperatures Sunday (image Weatherbell)
NWS Max Temperatures Sunday (image Weatherbell)
The heat will linger into Tuesday if anyone is thinking of taking a long weekend.

Boat and Beach Report

Seas will be rough as the ocean storm passes and high pressure builds in.  A Small Craft Advisory is up for today and one will likely be issued again on Sunday.  The Rip Current risk is moderate for all east facing beaches today.  Water temperatures are still in the low to mid 50's.
SST June 9, 2017
10 C = 50 F and 15 C = 59 F.  We are still a few weeks away from enjoying the water.  Some folks don't mind the cold water but I don't find it swimmable until it is in the low 60's.

Have a great weekend.

-Zack Green

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