Snow Squalls in the AM

Good evening everyone.  We have some snow squalls on the way for tomorrow that will drop around an inch of snow for most people.  However in isolated areas up to 3-4" cannot be ruled out.  Lets review the last storm and talk about the squalls.

Here is the map of the yesterday's storm.  I was over by a few inches in most areas.  Totals were on the lower end of all scales.  At the end of the day the storm was 500 miles away and the locals factors failed to enhance the snow as much as I thought.  That said 4-10" from a storm 500 miles away is impressive.
NWS Boston snowfall map 2-8-16 event
3 years ago we were wrapping up one of the all time Southern New England blizzards.  The Blizzard of 2013 (or Nemo) was powerful and caused a lot of damage in SE MA due to coastal flooding and wind damage.
Blizzard of 2013 NESIS map
Just last year we also had a Category 1 snowstorm.  This one often gets forgotten but this was the storm that really began to bring the region to our knees.  The MBTA was dealt a death blow, areas roofs began to collapse and area roads began to be too small to accommodate 2 way traffic.  This storm ranks 7th on Boston's all time snowfall's with 23.8".
Blizzard #3 of 2015 NESIS
We aren't getting anything like that tomorrow but this just goes to show early to mid Feb is the "peak" of winter snow season in Southern New England.  So here is the radar tonight
Northeast Regional Radar Loop 728 PM
It is NOT impressive and it will not be.  But here is the National Weather Service Special Weather Statement
NWS Boston special weather statement
I do buy some action in Western MA and CT maybe to Worcester tomorrow AM.  Here is one high resolution model solution for tomorrow AM at the upper levels
23z HRRR 500 mb vort valid 8 am (image NCEP)
Here is the simulated radar
23z HRRR simulated radar 9 AM (image Weatherbell)
No delays, no closings, no early dismissals but just heads up driving to work in he AM.  Most people see less than an inch, if anything at all.  Some 1-2", even fewer 3-4".  I believe the Pioneer Valley and Northern Connecticut between 6-10 AM has the best chance to see higher amounts.  This may re-fire further east tomorrow afternoon but that is unlikely. 

-Zack Green


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