Steady Rain Ends Today, Low Lingers Tomorrow

April 2017 has been very beneficial to residents of Southern New England.  Winter precipitation has been near normal the past few years and we still entered into a moderate to severe drought last summer as the momentum was unable to hold as we approached the warm season.  So far so good as we should expect some wonderful flowers next months thanks to all these April showers.  Just yesterday 0.5 to 2.0" of rain fell east of the Connecticut River.
NWS Precipitation Analysis through 830 AM Wednesday
This area has been the bulls-eye for precipitation in April.  Some communities in Essex, Plymouth, and Bristol counties are over 6" of rain for the month.
NWS Precipitation Analysis April 2017 to date (image Weatherbell)
In Providence, the 5.99" (and counting) is good for a top 10 spot on the "wettest April" lists.  What a difference longitude makes;  Hartford is in the middle of the pack for the month with rainfall just slightly above average.
The rain is not done either.  There is more to come from this system and perhaps a bit more Friday.  Here is the Northeast regional radar loop from the NWS.  Notice the bands still rotating in off the Atlantic.
NWS Northeast Regional Radar
The low is currently just off the NJ coast.  It won't move much today.  Here is where the low is forecast to be at 8 PM today.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Wednesday 8 PM 
That said the forcing is lessening as the storm decays.  Rain will become less organized and much more showery in nature.  Here is the 18-hour radar loop beginning at 8 AM.
11z HRRR 18 hour sim radar through 1 AM (image Weatherbell)
Another 0.25" to as much as 0.5" of rain is possible across Eastern MA, specifically Bristol and Plymouth counties.  Temperatures today will climb into the upper 50's/low 60's.  The air will have a bit of a humid kick to it, especially along the South Coast thanks to tropical connections this storm has made along its journey.
NWS Max Temps Wednesday (image Weatherbell)
The east wind will be light for much of the interior but it will gust 20-30 mph across SE MA.  The easterly fetch has prompted the NWS to issue a *Coastal Flood Statement* for the AM high tide.
NWS AM Headlines Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Thanks to upper level blocking the low will slowly dissipate near the Southern New England coast.  This will keep chances of rain/drizzle up for Coastal SNE on Thursday.  The low-level fog/drizzle will likely reach Worcester County for at least the morning hours tomorrow.  Some sunshine is forecast for tomorrow afternoon which will allow for max temps in the upper 60's/low 70's.
NWS Max Temperatures Thursday (image Weatherbell)
The next chance of precipitation for everyone will be Friday when a cold front tries to cross the region.  The front will slow and weaken to our west, but the resulting SW flow will bring warmth and a chance of thunderstorms.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Friday 8 AM
Max temps will be in the mid to upper 70's (less under cloud cover).
NWS Max Temperatures Friday (image Weatherbell)
Saturday looks great, Sunday looks a lot cooler thanks to a front backing south keeping New England on the cool side of the boundary.  This happens often in April/May.  More on the weekend tomorrow.

-Zack Green


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