Heat Advisory Issued for Thursday PM

The National Weather Service in Taunton has issued a Heat Advisory tomorrow afternoon from 12 PM - 7 PM in the orange shaded regions.
 The combination of high temperatures and dew points will make it feel 97-103 degrees tomorrow afternoon.  Here are the forecast max temps
NWS NDFD 2 m max temperatures Thursday (Image Weatherbell- CLICK TO ENLARGE)
Dew points will be near 70 with limited afternoon cloud cover.  Although it will be hot high temperature records appear to be safe.  Here are the records for the Big 5 cities
Data complied by Zack Green
We have certainly seen much stronger heat waves.  The Heat Index has become more popular in recent times which makes sense- that is the temperature we feel.  The problem is it is harder to compare to the past but if we take a look at this chart we can safely assume it was brutal in 1944 (no A/C either).
NWS Heat Index Chart
The humidity may be a bit less in the Merrimack Valley but surface temps will be around 97-98 up there anyway.  There will be no precipitation tomorrow.  The showers that are around this afternoon will dissipate after sunset.  The sun is now setting before 8 PM so even though the temperatures are high fall is not far away.

I'm still evaluating Friday.  There is pretty good chance at showers and thunderstorms during the day Friday which should keep temperatures below Thursday's values but it will still be hot and sticky.  Saturday is looking good until later in the afternoon.  It looks much better than it did at this time yesterday.  Given the active pattern I'll keep an eye on it.

-Zack Green


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