Tracking the Blizzard (To Be)

I am on record calling the storm off yesterday.  I still believe it is a non event for most of the region but perhaps I was a bit premature in saying just a few flakes here and there.  In fact the South Coast of CT, RI, MA (including Cape and Islands) may see a significant event.  It will be still be hard to get much north of the Pike.  But I can already feel the egg white starting to hit my face.
Me Looking at the data this AM
Here are the National Weather Service watches and warnings for Southern New England this afternoon.  The Vineyard is under a Blizzard Warning!
NWS Boston Afternoon watches and warnings

A winter storm warning has been posted in pink.  Although we are missing out on 95% of the storm it is still very impressive.  Here is the NWS snowfall forecast for the Northeast US
NDFD NWS snowfall forecasts through Sunday 1 PM
This is pretty wild and will likely crack the top 15 snowstorms of all time when accounting for population and snow totals.  The storm is a beauty on satellite
GOES_East water vapor loop valid 815 AM (image NOAA)
The radar as of 4 PM
NWS Northeast regional radar loop
High pressure and dry air stops this beast from making a ton of noise in New England.  But it does look like the South Coast is going to get rocked.  I was wrong to write this baby off completely yesterday.  Weather is humbling.  So the snow will start to fly around noon time South to North.
My forecast

I think a lot of places along the south coast see around 7-8 inches.  I'll update again tomorrow AM.



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