Sandy All but Gone, What's Next?

Sandy gave Eastern MA, NH, and ME one more punch last night.  A micro burst was reported in Wareham, MA leaving thousand without power.  Latest updates are that 55 people have died in the United States with an additional 50 + in the Caribbean.  However Sandy is going to be out of our hairs soon.  The only lingering effects will be isolated showers Wednesday and into Thursday.  So lets move past Sandy and into the week ahead.

For a meteorologist it's very boring after all the action last week.

Most areas of New England stay dry with exception being Maine.  Skies will be a mix of sun and clouds high 56.

Best chance for an additional shower tonight.  Low 43.

Mostly Cloudy early, partly cloudy later high 54.

Thursday Night
Fog developing overnight. Low 37

Partly Cloudy. High 54

Friday Night
Cloudy, slight chance of shower (~10 percent) low 39.

Things will cool off this weekend.  Skies will be partly cloudy Saturday with a high of 49.  Saturday night will be clearing, allowing temperatures to drop into the lower 30's.  Thus the rebound of Sunday will only be to 47.  Skies will be clear.

Early Next Week
Clear and cool Monday, potential to see some snowflakes on Tuesday.

Have a good Halloween, I can't believe tomorrow is November.


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