Wintry Precip Overnight, Heavy Rain Tomorrow

National NWS radar image
A powerful storm system sweeping across the United States will impact New England overnight.  This is the same system responsible for producing 53 tornadoes (and counting) across the Ohio Valley and the Deep South.  The storm will be weaker but there will still be some impacts around the region.  First off, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service in the areas shaded below.  Image courtesy of NOAA
WWA txt here

Areas south of the Mass Pike will see very little snow and mainly a mixture of rain and sleet.  A warm front is surging north which will turn all precip over to rain by 3 am in the lower elevations.  Higher elevations will also turn over by 6 am.  The roads will be slick overnight so be careful on your way home.   Saturday will be warm, with highs near 50.  There will be a chance of a thunderstorm with this system as it moves through.  There will be no severe weather or tornadoes, but it will not be surprising to hear a few rumbles of thunder.  Most of the rain will be gone by 3-5 PM and skies will begin to clear for tomorrow night.
NOAA rainfall forecast for next 24 hrs

Next week is half winter/half spring.  On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday it will feel more like winter, especially Monday and Tuesday when high temperatures will only be in the 30's.  The sun will be out from time to time.  One will notice a dramatic difference from Tuesday to Wednesday.  A subtropical ridge is looking to build in the Southwest Atlantic and funnel warm spring like weather into the northeast.  Highs right now look to climb in the upper 50's-low 60's.    This is the extended range of the forecast, but things are looking good.  Remember, if the pattern of the last few months remains in place, the nice long stretches of good weather will get progressively warmer and warmer as the sun continues to trek northward. 

Storm Prediction Center daily storm reports (so far)
Finally, thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the tornadoes this week.  Spring time is the beginning of tornado season due to the mixing of warm tropical air with cold arctic air.  This is a tornado outbreak to remember and its going to continue into the night.  Let us hope no more lives will be lost and all warnings are heeded.   Here you can view damage from today's storms.


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