Warm Weather on the Way

500 mb vorticity  map (mid level of atmosphere) shows cut off low in SW, trough exiting  NE

The unseasonably warm weather will continue into middle to late March.  After approaching 70 on Thursday we cooled down yesterday and today.  I was expecting a quick burst of snow yesterday but I did not expect 3-6 inches north of Boston.  Here you can see the totals from last nights snow event.  That is behind us now as the energy is moving offshore of Cape Cod.  High pressure will build into the region and the warming trend will begin.  We have to get through today first as temperatures will only reach 40 or so.  Temperatures tonight will drop into the upper 20's before climbing into the upper 50's tomorrow.  The south coast will be held to the upper 40's due to  a southerly wind off the water.

The energy in Arizona and New Mexico has cut off from the general flow.  This will slowly move northeastward toward the Great Lakes.  Areas in the path of this low will see some heavy rainfall over the next several days.  This will help pull warm air into the Northeast.  High pressure will move offshore locking in a Southwesterly flow and setting up some of the warmest March weather in the last 100-125 years (that is how long records go back in the Northeast).  The lack of snow cover across the United States is not cooling off these air masses as they move across the country so we have more potential for higher temperatures.  (Hat tip to Eric Fisher of The Weather Channel).

Sunday- Highs Upper 50's inland, upper 40's coast DRY
Monday- Highs middle to upper 60's DRY Some exceed 70
Tuesday- Highs middle 60's, clouds increasing Rain likely (from the cut off)
Wednesday-Highs upper 50's windy

This looks to continue for the foreseeable meteorological future...(~2 weeks).  Enjoy it while we have it.


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