Thanksgiving Week Forecast & Discussion

A nice weekend is shaping up for everyone.  High pressure will keep conditions calm and dry into Tuesday.  Tuesday night is when things get interesting as a storm system will lift out of the Midwest and develop a surface low pressure system off the coast.  There are two different model camps right now.  The American GFS, SREF, and GEFS favor a west to east track and the system would be gone by Wednesday evening, albeit dropping heavy rain for the majority of the overnight and morning hours.  The EURO and the NAM are both slower and they result in a phasing of the north and south Jet Streams, giving the storm a north Southwest-Northeast track.  This would be later and I feel a greater chance of snow on the backside with this scenario. Its too early to make a call but there is a near certainty for heavy rain.  A track closer to the coast is expect because the North Atlantic Oscillation is in its positive phase, meaning low pressure is semi-stationary between Greenland and Iceland.  As a result the storm is blocked from taking the classic big snowstorm track.

Highs today will crawl into the low 50's, while tomorrow will feature partly cloudy skies and a high near 60.  Overnight tonight the temperature will fall to around 40 degrees and it will drop to about 36 degrees tomorrow night.   Monday is a typical November day as highs will only reach the upper 40's.  Monday Night Football will be chilly, with temperatures dropping into the mid 30's.  Fans will be protected by some cloud cover which will prevent radiation cooling.  Tuesday looks to be mostly cloudy with highs in the mid 40's.  More on the Thanksgiving Eve event as more data comes in.

Thanksgiving looks cold, but sunny.  At 10 am the temperatures will be in the upper 30's.  Stay hydrated!


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